The week in pictures: March 25-28


Peyton Fisher

Mr. Boring and Jasmine Davis, sophomore, smile after playing a game in PE.

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  • Sophomore, Devany Rodriguez, takes a picture for yearbook in the staircase.

  • Students in fourth block lunch eat and listen to an announcement being made.

  • Sophomore students, Michelle Andrade and Kaitlyn Hammond, sit in the hall together to work on classwork.

  • Sophomore students Kearney Dudley, Rachel Montero, and Ariana Asgari sit together during whole school lunch.

  • Jasmine Davis, sophomore, smiles after playing games in PE.

  • Mr. Boring and Jasmine Davis, sophomore, smile after playing a game in PE.

  • Sophomore students hang out during whole school lunch, working and studying together.

  • Students walk through the hall after whole school lunch to get to their third block class.

  • Valerie Suryanto, sophomore, holds a key while helping out with a project in SCA.

  • Someone has written a kind note to others on the board in the library.

  • A table selling Autism Awareness ribbons is placed outside the cafeteria during lunch for students to buy.

  • Lacrosse team gathers up for a friendly picture!

  • Students enjoy their lunch in the busy cafeteria during third block lunch.

  • Devany Rodriguez, sophomore, works on her English homework in the library during her lunch block.

  • Two sophomores, Ryan Benson and Lexi Howard, laugh at a funny video on Ryan’s phone during study hall.

  • Two freshmen, Ashana Patel and Brooke Crouch, smile as they walk to class.

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