SPOILERS! Don’t Be That Guy (or Girl)

SPOILERS! Dont Be That Guy (or Girl)

Jackie Lewis and Lia Zarate

We all know that one person who sees a movie on the day of its release and then spoils the entire plot for everyone else. Whether they mean it or not, the end result is still catastrophic. Tears shed. Friendships ruined. Lives lost. All because that one person couldn’t keep their lips locked and refused to throw away the key. I mean seriously, we all learned that in elementary school.  Zip your lips, lock ‘em up, and THROW AWAY THE KEY!

It felt like I was dying of sadness”

— Briyana Wright

A recent victim of this tragedy is Avengers: Endgame. The movie’s opening night was on April 24th, and as the days went on, more watched, and more spoilers were revealed. A recent poll  revealed that 32% of Heritage students had Endgame spoiled for them. And, to whomever spoiled the movie, on their behalf, I’d like to ask….. why?! Why would you commit such a horrid crime? The only thing that you accomplish by ruining the ending of a much anticipated movie is spreading pain. A once innocent child, Briyana Wright said that she felt sadness, depression, and betrayal when hearing a spoiler about the well known movie.

“It felt like I was dying of sadness” she said, mourningly.

People who had gone to great lengths to remain ignorant of the plot until they watched it, have reacted poorly to spoilers. 

The point is, yes, some movies are amazing (*cough* Endgame *cough*), and yes, you will want to talk with people about your favorite scenes. But, please for the sake of everyone’s sanity don’t be that guy (or girl). Just wait until your friends or classmates have seen it.