Putting In The Miles: How XC Trains


Courtesy of Katie Wilson

Katie Wilson, senior, trains with the Cross Country team 6 days a week.

Anna Kahn, Staff Writer

Ever wondered how it feels like to be on the Cross Country team? Well, Katie Wilson, a senior on the Heritage Cross Country team, is willing to share all the cross country training secrets! Katie has been on the track and cross country team ever since her freshman year and is extremely passionate about running! 

“I like cross country (and track) because we are a team, and you can really feel that bond between everyone. Also you can see your training pay off each time you race or during workouts because your times improve and it gets easier with time,” said Katie Wilson.


We all know Cross Country is a demanding sport, with all that running around for long periods of time, it’s sure to tire you out easily. Having training from Monday to Saturday is sure to be interesting. So what is a typical week for a Cross Country athlete?


On Monday, when cross country have no meet during the week they do a workout and then Tuesday is  a recovery run, which is 3 to 5 miles to rest up those sore muscles. Wednesday to Friday they work a real heavy workout, based around track related workouts. Saturdays are designated as long runs. At the beginning of the season runners start off with 8 miles but then gets increased to 12/13 miles near the end of the season. 


On weeks that include competitive  meets, on Wednesday or Saturdays, or both,  they start off with a light workout on Monday to warm up. Tuesday is a recovery day, only a three to four mile run. Wednesday the runners compete with other schools in a meet.  Thursday and Friday are recovery runs again,, leading up to invitational competitions on Saturdays.