Excellence in Academics


John Lewis

The Acceptance letter to the Academic Excellence Ceremony at Heritage High School.

Jackie Lewis, Editor

September 25, at 7 pm, 153 students gathered in the auditorium of Heritage High School; bouncing with anticipation to receive a letter or pin that has much more meaning than you could ever imagine.  These objects represent the achievements 153 students worked ruthlessly towards. These objects prove these students’ academic excellence, and their mindset to excel in their studies and reach a goal many are still working towards.

Now, what do these letters and pins actually represent? Other than pride and the feeling of accomplishment? Well, they represent students who make it through the year with at least a 4.3 GPA. This  was only open to students who were a part of the Pride community for at least one year. Therefore, many of the students who received a letter are sophomores this year.

In fact, only the top 9 percent of the sophomore class received a letter, bringing joy to their families and themselves for being the top 9% in their class. As for the pins, juniors and seniors were able to attain their first or second pin to add to their Academic Letter.

The letter itself resembles the Varsity Letter student athletes may receive for playing on a varsity sport. The large H shaped letter is outlined with black and filled with a second white H surrounded by red. The pin is gold and decorated with the words ‘academic excellence’.

The appearance may not matter as much as the meaning of these achievements, but together they turn two ordinary objects into a sense of pride and school spirit. And whether you reached the level of Academic Excellence this year, or you’re striving to reach it next year, remember that it means more than Academic Excellence, it shows your strength in academics and how hard you are willing to work.