Should Public Schools Require Uniforms?

By La’Valle Marfo,  Guest Editorial


Should Public Schools Wear Uniforms?

A popular topic is whether students in public schools should wear uniforms. Many people believe that students should wear uniforms to school. In my opinion, I feel that students shouldn’t wear uniforms. My reasons are that school uniforms limit self expression, are expensive, and they can restrict the decision making of children.

One reason students shouldn’t wear uniforms is because students wouldn’t be able to express themselves. This results in less individuality among students. According to the article 22 Advantages and Disadvantages of School Uniforms, it is stated that, “Students who are in a district with a strict uniform policy lose their ability to express their individuality through fashion.” Additionally, the article also states, “In some ways school uniforms teach students that thinking and acting as a group is more critical than thinking and acting as a person.” I believe that everyone has the right to show who they are and express their thoughts and a way to do those things is through clothing. 

The fact that school uniforms are expensive is another reason why students shouldn’t have to wear them. Many schools have parents pay money to have their children wear uniforms. An article titled Should Students Have to Wear School Uniforms? Stated, “Over 95% of parents on low incomes reported difficulties in meeting school-related costs.” To conclude this statement, school uniforms are costly and should not be allowed.

School Uniforms can actually restrain the ability of decision making in students. Adults make their own decisions about clothes and have the right to express themselves by their looks. Denying the ability for children and adolescents to make those choices could make them unprepared for the adult world. In the adult world, adults don’t wear an everyday uniform to work. To summarize, giving students the opportunity to pick their outfits in the morning will help them to be more ready when they’re older.

Ultimately, a lot of people think that schools should make students wear uniforms, but I don’t think that schools should require students to do this because they can inhibit self-expression and make students not feel as unique because they’re wearing what everyone else is wearing. Additionally, school uniforms are costly and can be a burden on families who don’t have a lot of money. Lastly, students might not be prepared to make decisions because of school uniforms. All in all, I definitely think that students should choose what they want to wear to school and not have to wear what the school wants them to wear.