Think On The Bright Side: Covid19


Brian Miriashtiani, Staff Writer

COVID-19 may be a terrible pandemic where we can’t go to places, can’t hang out with friends, and where we may have lost loved ones.  However, one should not engage in a negative thought process because of the pandemic.  It’s good and healthy to have a positive mindset, and that can be thinking about all the benefits that one may have received from COVID-19.  It may be challenging, but thinking of any gain from COVID-19 is better than thinking the contrary.

One common benefit that many people probably have gained is time.  Time is valuable, and because of COVID-19, it appears that many people have gained more free time to do activities.  These activities may include video gaming, sports, and many other hobbies that may or may not take time.  Sometimes it may feel like there is nothing to do because of how much time we’re given due to COVID-19.  One can take advantage of this nothingness by trying out new activities.