Ticket Spicket – HHS Takes Tickets Online


Tristan Hasseman, Staff Writer

Want to skip the line at the next game? Fortunately for you tickets for Heritage sporting events have gone digital.  In addition to conventional paper tickets, tickets can also be bought through Ticket Spicket either ahead of time or using the QR codes provided at the gate.  The official partner of the National Interscholastic Athletics Administrators Association (NIAAA), Ticket Spicket currently provides ticketing at schools, colleges, and athletic conferences in nearly fifty states.  The change to digital was abrupt for some, creating occasional confusion as some fans arrived intending to purchase tickets at the gate.  However, as we near the end of the fall season things have smoothed out considerably.

First utilized in the spring of 2021, Heritage used Ticket Spicket for the spring season, but without many spectators, it never gained traction.  However due to a variety of reasons including Covid concerns all LCPS schools encorperated Ticket Spicket for this school year.  And Assistant Athletic Director Nick Siano in our interview said that Ticket Spicket has become “the primary source of tickets”.  Mr Siano credits the uptick in digital ticket sales to Heritage’s familiarity to the site.  Because its “Something we’re familiar with…and feel comfortable with”.  He also credits the parents and students for its success thus far.

Although he acknowledges that technology can have its downfalls “so far we have not experienced any issues with Ticket Spicket” said Siano.  And in fact it has streamlined his job, simplifying digital reports and keeping a comprehensive list of ticket sales.

The best feature of Ticket Spicket is the improved system of season passes, both for students and families.  The 2021-22 Student All Sport Pass is a must for anyone who enjoys cheering on the Pride on a regular basis.  For $80.00 you get a ticket to every home game for every sport here at Heritage for the entire 2021-22 year.  And for students planning on going to more than eleven home games this year, the All Sport Pass is a steal. Every week Ticket Spicket shows you all of the tickets available to claim and since you’ve already paid, with a tap of a button you can choose which tickets you want for the week.  With no limits or due dates, you can claim tickets whenever you want, no matter how close to the game, and there are no penalties for not using a ticket you claimed. In the past, season passes were mostly available to families who had to carry physical cards to enter any Heritage sporting event.  Now, all of your available tickets for the week are made available days in advance, and nothing other than your digital ticket is necessary to enter the game.

As the fall season comes to an end, Ticket Spicket has become irreplaceable. With every school across the county utilizing it, tickets are easy to purchase for all games both home and away. And for some events, such as our Field Hockey quarterfinal game, only digital tickets will be used.  As the fall sports season progresses, more and more people have been embracing Ticket Spicket, and that change was obvious anytime you went to a game.  At the last football game three lines were open to check in digital tickets, while only one line was open to purchase physical tickets.  While paying with cash at the gate is still available for some events, spectators are encouraged to skip the line and pay ahead of time through Ticket Spicket.

The winter sports season is fast approaching, and as basketball and other indoor sports start up, Ticket Spicket will continue to be a useful resource for fans, especially those not wanting to carry cash to pay at the door.  The fall season was a resounding success for digital tickets, and Ticket Spicket will only continue to increase in popularity as the winter season gets underway.