The Hot Truth About Climate Change


Robert S. Donovan

A coal fired power plant on the Ohio River just West of Cincinnati

Mason Lamb, Staff Writer

Climate change is an international problem that, if not stopped, could harm the earth significantly more than it already does. Human actions are mainly responsible for the steady rise of climate change. We as human beings are destroying our own planet, and as far as we know of, there is no backup plan. Things such as chopping down forests and global emissions are weakening the Ozone layer making things much hotter. Effects of these actions are the melting of the polar ice caps and more droughts and heat waves.

If you think that climate change will not affect you, that’s just not true, it affects everyone. Although the polar ice caps melting does not sound like a huge deal to us because we’re very far from it, this will be affecting the entire world. Ocean levels are predicted to rise to up to 8 feet by the year 2100. Sea level has only raised 8 inches since 1880, and the numbers will continue rising dramatically after 2100 as well. The sea rising is not only due to the melting of the ice caps but also the expansion of seawater as it gets warmer. High tides combined with this higher sea level will cause major flooding problems. The danger of this rising sea level around the world is that large amounts of land will start to become submerged which could restrict supplies.

Another effect of global warming that will affect everyone is that droughts will not only become more common, but they will also be longer and more intense. The Southwest and Central Plains in the US have seen terrible droughts but scientists say that in the back half of the 21st century could see the longest and driest droughts in the last Millenium. Not only are droughts supposed to get longer and more intense, but the temperature during the summers are supposed to be getting consistently more hot. With the combination of more flooding and more intense and longer droughts, the world could look like a natural disaster si-fi movie.