Athlete Q and A-Hadley Jones


Photo Courtesy of Haddley Jones

Haddley playing at the dig pink game

Kayla Douglas, Staff Writer

Dig Pink Volleyball game (Photo Courtesy Hadley Jones)

Hadley Jones is on the freshman volleyball team at Heritage High School, and is a defensive specialist (DS) on the team. Jones is a co-captain of the team with Myah Gross.  She has been playing volleyball for four years. Volleyball is a  fun sport for Hadley, but her teammates also make it more amazing. Everyone comes together during a game and is very supportive of one another. Whenever they score they all race to the center of the court to hug and celebrate with one another.

Jones has many friends on the team and therefore spends time with them. The sport is time consuming so Jones has less time to do schoolwork due to practices and game. She does try to manage her time by doing schoolwork on game nights before and after the freshman team plays.

Jones looks up to her fellow teammates including varsity players Jackie Lewis and Riley Scott.  “Jackie is probably one of the best volleyball players I’ve seen, but she’s also a wonderful person and helps me with volleyball.” Jones is extremely appreciative of the mentoring the varsity players offer her.