Crumbl Cookie Weekly Review (10/4-9)


Jackie Lewis, Editor-in-Chief

The Crumbl Cookie flavors for this week (10/4-9) all follow a pink theme, with the inclusion of the permanent milk chocolate chip cookie. 

The flavors are:

Pink Velvet

Ruby Chocolate Chip

Pink Doughnut
Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake,

Classic Sugar


The pink velvet cookie consists of a pink cake batter cookie with cream cheese frosting and a cluster of crumbs on top. Luckily neither the frosting nor the cookie was too sweet, so it made for a pleasant snack.

The ruby chocolate chip is practically identical to the milk chocolate chip, except that it includes ruby chocolate. Ruby chocolate is a fairly new type of chocolate, and is similar to a white chocolate. Overall, the cookie was pretty good, and in my opinion, much better than the milk chocolate chip.

Sadly, I was unable to try the pink doughnut, as they didn’t have the glaze when I went, but it’s supposed to be a regular vanilla cookie with pink vanilla glaze and rainbow sprinkles. 

The chocolate strawberry cheesecake could be ranked as my number two out of this list (ruby chocolate chip being the first), and there are very little complaints other than the frosting being a little too sweet. 

Lastly, the class sugar cookie was by far my least favorite. This cookie was so sweet I could barely eat a quarter of it. The frosting, once again, is what overpowered the cookie, and made the cookie overall too sweet.