Athlete Q and A – Lucas Grant


Cole Broyhill, Staff writer


Lucas Grant is a junior on the Heritage Football Team. He plays right guard on varsity. His attitude towards winning has changed from last year.”The attitude towards winning and losing is different and we are more business from seasons past” he said. Grant also added that practice with teammates and coaches is “very fun with funny conversations”.

Like all athletes, Grant does have to make sacrifices for football.  It is very time consuming to be a varsity athlete.  “I have to do all of my  work in school or late at night. There’s basically no time to hangout with anybody,” he said. However, the advantages outweigh the sacrifices.  Grant has loved playing football his whole life and thrives on the physicality of the sport.  “I love the violence of it,” Grant said. 

Grant has professional and past players that he admires. ” I look up to Myles Garrett and Aaron Donald because of how they play and how physical they are,” Grant said.

Grant prepares for the game by trying “to visualize making big plays and winning the game.”

Grant has been a big part of the Heritage offense and has helped the run and pass game a lot and is looking to help Heritage get to States.