A Walkout For Change


Emma Sihavong , Staff Writer

On October 26th, there was a county-wide student walkout. The organized protest was in support of those who have been sexually assaulted.

Also, for some the walkout was in protest of the school board, and their lack of action to a recent sexual assault case that was brought to their attention.   The LCPS Superintendent Dr. Zeigler has made a formal statement and apology regarding the assaults.

At Heritage High School, the turnout was strong, with many students of various grade levels participating. Here are some of the students’ responses as to why they walked out. 


Jackson Howard, Sophomore

“I came out here to protest the school board and their lack of response to the recent sexual case brought up as well as the arrest of the victims’ father who fairly spoke up against the school board.” 


Owen Kinny, Senior 

“I felt as though the events that transpired are pretty messed up and it’s not fair to all the victims out there that suffered.”


Annika LaRue, Senior

“I want to support people affected, and show people I care.”


Claire Prugh, Junior 

“I walked out to show support for my friends.”


The protest itself was very peaceful. Everyone involved at Heritage huddled together in groups, partially because it was a cold and windy morning. There were no actions that could have endangered anyone. However, some students involved took to social media stating it was not what they had expected it to be. When it was first announced on social media, it was believed out of respect that those involved, participants  would go out and observe ten minutes of silence, which was not the case. Although it was a peaceful protest, some involved were not happy with the outcome.