What is Netflix’s Hit Show This Week?


Emma Sihavong , Staff Writer

The hit show this week is Locke and Key. The first season of Locke and Key was released on February 7th, 2020. Due to covid, season two of Locke and Key did get delayed but was released on October 22nd, 2021. Locke and Key follow the Locke family, who move into an old home named Keyhouse Manor, following their dad’s passing. This house, however, is not any ordinary house. It is filled with many mysteries and secrets. Magical keys, if I may add. These keys were made generations ago, and there are multiple of them scattered throughout the home. The kids, Kinsey, Tyler, and Bode soon find themselves in a dilemma. There was an evil demonic presence among them that wanted these keys and did everything in its power to take them. There are twenty episodes out currently, with each season having ten episodes apiece. Each episode ranges from around 45 minutes to an hour. The show’s genre is fantasy horror/supernatural drama and is rated TV-14. Before season two of Locke and Key was released, Netflix confirmed that there will be a season three. 

This show is easily binge-worthy. The plot is well thought out, and you can tell there is depth in it. The show introduced a lot of side plots, which tie into the main plotline at some point in time. As well as the character development, which is extremely important to the story. The plot twist that occurred at the end of season one was a shocker, leaving many fans taking to social media to uncover the cliffhanger, and what they might expect with season two. The second season starts right off where season one left, so there is no time skip between the seasons. All the different keys that were introduced throughout the two seasons were so creative, and I have to give the writers props for creativity. It was cool seeing these different keys take shape and work, as they are magical. Also, the casting is spectacular. I usually do not like the casting on most shows, but this show hit it spot on with the casting. I think the casting in this show is perfect, and all the actors involved in this show are spot-on, and just genuinely good actors. Season two is definitely more action-packed and much more suspenseful than the first season, and after finishing season two, I am extremely excited for season three, and I highly recommend you give Locke and Key a watch.