Astroworld TRAVISty


Erica Ellison, Staff Writer

Friday, November 5, 2021 marked a very tragic day for many families. About 50,000 people went to attend Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival which was completely sold out. 1o lives were taken during this festival and left hundreds injured. Most people attending this festival were expecting a fun night, but harm was just around the corner.

That night, with the thousands of fans attending, the show went on, it had some show openers performing before Scott made his way to the stage. Minutes before his entrance, everyone started piling in, getting tighter and tighter together. As soon as Scott got to stage, everyone started pushing forward, leaving no body with room to breathe.

The crowd, after having thousands of fans surging forward towards the stage, was chanting and screaming at Scott to stop the show. He did have an earpiece in possibly not allowing him to hear the crowd, but certain people were screaming directly at the stage crew and security as they ignored the scared fans. Several videos have gone around showing this exact example. This caused a lot of backlash onto Sc0tt for blatantly ignoring the crowd.

At around 9:25 PM, Scott stopped the show after people begged him to. People had been passed out and unconscious on the ground below. Those people had been passed back by the crowd to try to get medical attention  because no one could get through the crowd. Some of those victims unfortunately did not make it. Devastatingly, the ages ranged from 9 to 23.

Scott ended up getting sued about $2 billion and more charges will probably arise.