Limited Access to Vending Machines At School


Jake Hughes, Staff Writer


Heritage High School has had vending machines for a few years. However, access to the vending machines has changed over time. Originally the vending machines were open in the morning before school, at lunch, and after school. Then, they were turned off for lunch and only accessible before and after school. Now, the vending machines are turned on only after school when most of the students do not have time to access them. 

Heritage students are not happy with the change and question the purpose of vending machines that are only open after school hours.

“I thought they were a good idea at first, thinking everyone had access to food during the day, but now they just sit there and collect dust,” said Zoe Diehl, class of 2022. “The vending machines have no purpose, and they shouldn’t stay,” Diehl added.

Kevin Douglas, a senior athlete at Heritage sees some purpose in the vending machines in spite of their limited access. “I believe the vending machines are somewhat helpful to the athletes that stay after school. Whenever we come out of practice, our first place is to the vending machine because we are starving.”

Douglas also added, “However, most of the kids usually get food at the concession stands if they are open, and don’t bother with the vending machines that have become more obsolete.”

Is there a future for vending machines with such limited access?  Should they be removed completely?

Douglas said, “Unless more people start using them, they don’t necessarily have a use, and should be taken away or have new rules in place where students can use them.”

If you would like to have more access to the vending machines, you can contact the Heritage High School administration to voice your support.