Kevin Douglas Athlete Q&A


Jake Hughes, staff writer

Kevin Douglas is a dual sport senior athlete. He has been playing football and running track for all 4 years of high school. While both sports require athleticism, they have significant differences. “ Track is a more independent sport as football is a more team dependent sport. Both have a team dynamic to them,” said Douglas.

Douglas notes there are differences in coaching the two sports.  “Football  coaches will help you with certain aspects such as form for different positions and tackling. Track coaches will give you an assignment and you as an individual have to put in the work you are willing to give to that assignment.”

Douglas has 2 other siblings Bryan Douglas and Kayla Douglas.  His sister Kayla is also on the track team. “It’s nice to have another Douglas to run with. She gives me a  nice motivator at times and I’m very proud of her for choosing such a thing and can’t wait to see how she performs,” said Douglas. 

Getting ready for track meets requires mental and physical preparation. “ When I prepare before a meet, of course I’m nervous, but the training the team and I have done to get to these meets calms me as I know I am prepared and I forget it’s even a race.”

Now that  the season is coming to an end we wish Douglas and the rest of the Heritage track team good luck on the rest of the season.