Crumbl Review Week Feb 7-12


Erica Ellison, Staff Writer

This week at Crumbl, there are some interesting, new flavors. The cookie flavors of the week consist of, S’mores, Cake Batter Blondie, Buckeye Brownie, and Vanilla Sugar.

Starting off with S’mores, this cookie is very good, probably one of my favorites so far. It is a chocolate chip cookie with a slight graham cracker flavor/coating with a melted marshmallow on top. I rate this cookie an 8/10 for not being too dry, as I thought it would be, and the marshmallow that topped it off.

Next cookie is the Cake Batter Blondie. I am not a fan of this one because it just tastes like a cheap, store-bought cookie. There wasn’t anything special about it so I rate this cookie a 5/10.

The next cookie is the Buckeye Brownie. This cookie has a very rich chocolate flavor, almost like it has dark chocolate in it. I am not too big of a peanut butter person but this cookie reminds me of a rich version of a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. I rate this cookie a 6/10 because although it was alright, I wish they had used a lighter chocolate for it.

The last cookie I got for this week is the Vanilla Sugar. This cookie is their updated version of the regular sugar cookie. There isn’t anything too exciting about it but I think it tastes better than the regular sugar cookie. I rate this one a 7/10.

Overall, this week was not Crumbl’s best week so if you were considering going, I would say wait until next week.