Crumbl Review Feb.7 – Feb.12

Crumbl Review Feb.7 - Feb.12

Ellison Downey, Staff Writer

This week at Crumbl they had multiple flavors that are often on the menu- Smores, Cake Batter Blondie,  Buckeye brownie, and Hazelnut Churro.  Starting at a 6.5/10, Smores was a pretty good cookie.  It was very moist and had a good texture, while tasting just like a smore.  It was not as creative as some of the other flavors, however, because it was basically just a chocolate chip cookie with a marshmallow on top.  Next, Cake batter blondie was also a 7/10.  It was very sweet and had a good texture, but again it was just a sugar cookie with sprinkles and white chocolate chips. In second place there is Buckeye Brownie, at 7.5/10.  I really enjoyed this cookie because it tasted like a reeses and was perfect for anyone who likes them.  However, it was really rich and chocolaty so it was hard to eat a lot of (which can be a good or bad thing).  Lastly, my favorite out of the four cookies was the Hazelnut churro at 8/10.  It was covered in cinnamon sugar, so it tasted exactly like a churro.  The texture was dense and moist, and the chocolate was a nice touch if you got the right amount.  Overall I think some of these cookies are definitely worth trying!