Restaurant Review: Chau’s Cafe

Restaurant Review: Chaus Cafe

Maddie Scassa, staff writer

Do you ever get stuck trying to find a new place to go out to eat? I do. That is why I decided to expand my horizons, and try out a smaller restaurant a little bit further away. I decided to try Chau’s Cafe, an Asian food restaurant located in Ashburn, VA. 

The restaurant has a respectable 4.3 stars according to Google reviews. This fact, in itself, is already a good sign. From Heritage High School, the cafe is only 13 minutes away. Once I had arrived at the restaurant, I chose to eat the sweet and sour chicken with a side of Lo Mein. You really can’t go wrong with sweet and sour chicken. 

In terms of appearance, I would give the food a 10/10. The chicken is fried in batter, and the “sweet and sour” part is a generous tub of red dipping sauce. The Lo Mein also looked delicious and tasted well made. They gave me a generous heaping of the Lo Mein and I was glad to see no stingy-ness in their serving sizes. 

In terms of taste, I give the food a 9/10. I am an avid lover of Asian cuisine, so I was nothing short of happy with the food. However, if I were to go again, I think I would choose something different. All of their food options looked great, so I know I would probably love a majority of the food. There were other options such as multiple types of chicken, a wide variety of ramen and soups, seafood, vegetarian options, and boba tea. There is no excuse not to visit! There is a little something for everyone. Chau’s has a great selection for an affordable price. 

Additionally, the restaurant itself had nice vibes. While it is on the smaller side, it is a great place to take a few friends. The atmosphere is very chill and serene. I highly recommend visiting Chau’s Cafe.