Weekly Song Spotlight: Homegirl – King Princess

Weekly Song Spotlight: Homegirl - King Princess

Tristan Hasseman, staff writer

Haunting the listener with an intimate and romantic glimpse into a relationship, Homegirl by King Princess is fan favorite that barely made it onto her first album Cheap Queen.  Born and raised in Brooklyn New York, King Princess is a multifaceted singer, songwriter, and musician who’s released one album, multiple EP’s and a plethora of singles since her debut in 2018.

Homegirl is track six on her 2019 album, and is about her secretive relationship with her now ex-girlfriend.  Written when they were still together, it’s affectionate and intimate, describing the nature of their relationship. With lyrics such as “I stare when you walk in the room like I’m scared to forget you” her affection is obvious, but since their relationship is secret they can only be “friends at the party”.

The song is a beautiful juxtaposition between love and secrecy as King Princess has to deal with the joy of having someone while also watching others fall for them.  Having to balance the two edged sword of love, she sums it all up saying “And you taste like danger, but I feel so safe in your arms”.

Musically, Homegirl is subtle and understated, with the only audible instruments being acoustic guitar, bass, and a scattered synth.  The understated approach works wonders.  The absence of any distracting beats or solos lets the lyrics to do the talking.  With the words having your full attention, and the message being so personal, you instantly are drawn in and connected with the author’s meaning and purpose.