Crumbl review week of March 21- 27


Ellison Downey, staff writer

This week’s Crumbl flavors were Peanut Butter featuring snickers, Iced Oatmeal, Triple Chocolate chip, and Key Lime Pie (all of which are often on the menu). Firstly, I tried the Key Lime Pie and gave it a 6/10.  This cookie was kind of dry, and it didn’t have enough filling in my opinion.  This cookie was not as sweet as the others, with a very strong key lime flavoring(which can be good or bad depending on the person).  Next, the Peanut Butter ft. Snickers received a 7/10.  It had a very rich peanut butter flavor, and was perfect for people who enjoy the peanut butter- chocolate combo.  The cookie itself was a little dry, but the frosting on top helped resolve that.  I would give the Triple Chocolate Chip cookie an 8.5/10.  The cookie was very moist and dense and had the perfect amount of chocolate to cookie ratio.  This cookie is perfect for people who like rich, chocolate desserts.  Lastly, I gave the Iced Oatmeal cookie an 8.5/10.  It had a very subtle sweetness that was perfect for people who don’t enjoy cookies that are too much.  The texture was very moist and chewy, and the thin layer of icing made this cookie really enjoyable.