Movie Review- Fresh

Movie Review- Fresh

Emma Sihavong, Editor

Are you looking for a good horror-comedy film to watch? Well, then Fresh is for you! Fresh is a new horror-comedy that was released on March 4th, 2022. Fresh features two-star actors, Sebastian Stan, and Daisy-Edgar Jones. Fresh is rated R, and the runtime is around two hours. The story follows a lonely girl named Zoa, who takes to dating apps in a time of loneliness. She’s unsuccessful in finding THE one, until one day, she runs into Steve at a local grocery store. The two hit it off immediately and it all goes up from there. That is until she finds out about Steve’s obsession with cannibalism. 

The casting for Fresh is phenomenal, and each actor portrayed their character extremely well.  Daisy and Sebastian’s performances in this movie are perfect, and they are great actors. Daisy perfectly portrayed Zoa, especially with the panic attacks and genuine fear her character faced. Sebastian’s performance as the villain was chilling. He truly got into his character and his performance is one of the best I’ve seen in horror movies. 


The story features a lot of modern issues, despite its morbid plot. One well-known issue displayed at the beginning of the movie is dating apps, and how most are used for hookup culture. The movie also hints at family trauma, which is also a well-known issue in today’s society. The movie also features an LGBTQ+ character, Mollie. She is Zoa’s best friend and is crucial to the plot.


Throughout the movie, some unexpected scenes surprised me. The music featured throughout the movie was very ominous, and led to the idea of foreshadowing. The romantic aspect of the movie is super fast-paced and straight to the point. The cinematography was extremely INCREDIBLE, and it added to the eerie vibe this movie was giving off. Also, I felt that the plot was well-paced, and the build-up to the climax was top-tier. 


I truly liked this movie. It hit all the key points of a horror movie. I would give Fresh a solid 10/10. This movie exceeded my expectations of a classic horror movie, and the morbidness was there. This movie is extremely gory and morbid. If you have a weak stomach, I do not recommend this movie. I usually am not phased by horror movies, but Fresh disturbed me.