Restaurant Review: Anita’s New Mexico Style Bar and Grill

Restaurant Review: Anitas New Mexico Style Bar and Grill

Maddie Scassa, staff writer

So, Anita’s New Mexico Style Bar and Grill, let’s talk about it. This Mexican restaurant is a hidden gem of sorts. Well, hidden in plain sight. I personally had tried Anita’s for the first time very recently. My pick was the BB Special Breakfast Burrito. The contents of the burrito were: scrambled eggs, shredded cheese, and baked potato, all wrapped into a flour tortilla. Additionally, it was served with a side of their signature salsa (ingredients: blend of tomato, green chile pepper, yellow onion, jalapeno pepper, yellow hot pepper, cilantro, water, garlic, green onion, and spices). While the contents of the burrito seem simple, the outcome of the concoction was nothing less than delectable. The salsa is a great addition as well, as it adds the little extra flavor that you are looking for.

The prices of their food are pretty low, which adds to the appeal of this restaurant. My burrito in particular was roughly $3. However, if you go for a burrito with more meat, the prices will increase to roughly $6.50. This is still a good price for the quantity in the serving size. Besides burritos, Anita’s has plenty of other breakfast options such as: platters, pancakes, biscuits and gravy, omelets, french toast, chorizo con huevos, enchiladas rancheras, breakfast quesadillas, pupusas, empanadas, and much more. These food items roughly range from $3-$14. You won’t find any breakfast items for more than $15.  

My initial review in terms of purchasing the food was good. The location of Anita’s is in a bit of a busier area, but besides that fact, the parking situation is pretty solid. In terms of purchasing the food, there are many available options. Anita’s has: curbside pickup, walk-in, drive through, and, of course, dine in. In my case, I ordered ahead and walked in to pick up my burrito. It appeared to be a common trend since the service was speedy and reliable. 

In terms of visual appearance, the restaurant itself is very aesthetic. Not that this matters as much as the quality of the food. However, I was still happy to see that the decoration of the restaurant (inside and outside) was very colorful and happy. The decor made me even more intrigued with Anita’s and their vibe as a whole. 

All-in-all, I could tell that Anita’s is popular for a reason. The presentation is amazing, and the location is close to town. In fact, I recommend this restaurant as a great place to hit up before class. The service is quick and the burritos are very sufficient in terms of taste and serving size. The only downfall is that the burritos are pretty messy. It requires a little extra effort to prevent a spill or mishap. My review of the food would be a 9.5/10. In terms of pricing I give the restaurant a 10/10. In terms of location and purchasing methods, I give the restaurant a 10/10. Finally, the visual aesthetic of the restaurant is also a 10/10. Approximately, I would give Anita’s New Mexico Style Bar and Grill a 9.8/10. I highly recommend visiting if you haven’t already. You would not regret trying this place out.