The Affect of Covid on Heritage

The Affect of Covid on Heritage

Mason Lamb, Staff Writer

The Covid-19 pandemic changed a lot of things for everybody, higher prices for everything, masks have to be on whenever indoors, but the one thing that was affected the most was schools. The online year affected nearly every aspect of school life and we are still dealing with the aftermath of it. People have been complaining about the problems the online year has caused, not only in the learning environment but the social environment.


The “Virtual Year” saw the introduction of new grading policies such as having to floor grades at 50%. Teachers are also allowing their students to slowly ease back into “real school” by being slightly looser with grading and moving slower.


“I do think there’s been more of an emphasis on just trying to get everyone to pass instead of giving kids failure”, said Will Picardi, a Sophomore at heritage.


Everyone seems to be on the same page about school being “easier” and passing being a priority over learning


La’valle Marfo, a Junior at Heritage, said, “Before it was a little bit harder, more tough but now the curriculums are easier”.


Another major part of school that was taken away by the virtual year that isn’t being talked about much, is the Social opportunities. Sporting events and school dances were a very big part of social life for highschool students that were stripped away. With some people only being able to hang out during school or being unable to hang out due to rules of social distancing it is being felt now that we are back in school.


“Pre-Covid the community was much more together, it was a lot more vocal between everybody”, Picardi said,  “It’s going to take more time for people to become one community”.


“[The] Community changed a lot, the covid year did steal a lot of social opportunities between people. Friendships that we once had are a lot further apart.” Kevin Douglass, a senior, said.


The virtual year changed a lot for students not only during that year but we still feel it. Relationships are spreading apart due to lacking social functions and school is getting easier due to the rules the teachers have to follow.