Meet the Pride– Evie Amelia Nyilasi


Amna Farooq, Staff Writer

This year 400+ new students have joined The Pride. Evie Amelia Nyilasi is one of them. She is known for her amazing hair, joyful attitude, and charismatic personality. She has one younger brother, one gecko, one guinea pig, and a dog. 

Your looks are one of the best ways to express your personality. As for Nyilasi, she loves dyeing her hair. “I dye my hair very often, in the past 4 years I’ve had four different hair colors.” said Nyilasi.

Nyilasi loves art class, she enjoys drawing and painting. Her guilty pleasure is enjoying all the drama surrounding TikTok stars. Even though Nyilasi has a bright and pleasant personality she has her ups and downs. “In the past week going to roller derby practice was kind of scary because I thought I sucked but when I went I realized that everyone sucks.” described Nyilasi 

Nyilasi also enjoys helping others. Donations are one of the best ways to help others in need. “If I could donate a million dollars to any charity it would probably be towards global warming,” said Niyalasi.  “Even though people are starving, the world is on fire. We need to stop that before we help other causes.”

The advice you receive and give is one of the major factors in shaping you and your personality. “The best advice I would give would be to pretend like no one exists. If no one exists then others opinions don’t matter….” explained Nyilasi

In her free time, Evie enjoys spending time with her family, hanging out with friends, playing roller derby and giving her pets company.