Pets of the Pride: Draco and Nutmeg


Skylar Zelman

Draco and Nutmeg resting in the backyard

Aanya Shah, Staff Writer

     Draco and Nutmeg are lucky to have Skylar Zelman, a junior at Heritage, as their owner. They are two adorable dogs who are so unique. “ Draco is 4 years old and we’ve had him for 8 months and Nutmeg is 5 years old and we’ve had her for 4 and a half years, basically for her whole life,” Zelman said.  Draco also lived a very interesting life before he met Skylar. “Draco is actually a retired racing greyhound. After he was done racing, he was sent to a prison and the prisoners trained him there, and after, he was sent to a foster home from where we got him,” Zelman said.

     In the time that these 3 have been together, Zelman has noticed some oddly adorable traits with them. “Both of them sleep on their backs with their paws in the air. Also, Nutmeg has a pooh bear stuffed animal that she loves to just hold in her mouth. She never chews it, just holds it and walks around. Draco also loves to sprint around the backyard because he was a racer and he is super fast,” she said.

     Skylar is also a part of the Heritage High soccer team. We can see Zelman’s love for the sport of soccer because Nutmeg was actually named after the soccer move. And also, one of Skylar’s favorite things to do with her dogs is take them on walks and kick around a soccer ball in her backyard and let the dogs chase it around. Which is great for Draco as he is a greyhound. “For greyhounds specifically, they need a lot of exercise, and for most greyhounds when they get in a really deep sleep, it is best to not touch them because they can get really aggressive. They could be the sweetest dog but if you touch them when they are in a deep sleep, then they can get really aggressive,” Zelman shared this tip for any new owners of greyhounds. 

     Overall, these two dogs have lived some exciting lives and have shared countless wonderful moments and will continue to share many more with Skylar.