Weekly song Spotlight: Mirrorball- Taylor Swift

Gillian Amrein, Staff Writer

You may think of a disco ball as a fun centerpiece to a dance floor, but to Taylor Swift, mirrorballs resemble the complexity of how people reflect their emotions onto others. Mirrorball is the 6th track off of Taylor Swift’s eighth studio album “Folklore”. 

Mirrorballs reflect rays of light. Shattered pieces of glass surrounding a sphere, which is what makes them so beautiful, serve as entertainment to a crowd. Swift uses the comparison between mirrorballs and people to symbolize how when people in society break, others look at them as entertainment. “You, you’re not like the regulars, the masquerade revelers, drunk as they watch my shattered edges glisten”. Throughout the song, Swift sends the message that just like a mirrorball, everybody shifts to reflect themselves differently onto certain people.

Swift’s lyricism is so honest and colorful which blends perfectly with the jingly instrumentation. The slow pace and layered vocals come together to create a dreamy atmosphere. Swift’s emotional delivery of her lyrics successfully displays what it means to be a mirrorball.