Athlete Spotlight: Moose Balde


Courtesy of VivaLoudoun

Moose Balde lines up at cornerback vs Lightridge

Will Pennington, Staff Writer

Coming off of a fantastic 2021 season, Heritage Football lost many of their now former defensive backs. These names included Omari Cornwall, Junior Darko, and Kyle Alt. With these absences, many players have been forced to step into their roles for the 2022 season. Senior Cornerback, Moose Balde, has stepped up. 


When asked if Heritage Football has turned a corner after a huge win over Lightridge, Balde replied with, ¨Yes, now we believe in what we can do as a team and what the coaches have been preaching all season.¨


This is Balde’s first ever season playing football in high school. Balde has always been very involved in sports, but he says he started playing football this year because ¨I have been wanting to play football, I have just been hesitant but seeing how much fun people had last year and this is my senior year, I just decided to pull the trigger and play.¨


Whether or not he thinks Heritage can compete with perennial powerhouse program Broad Run in our Homecoming football game, Balde said, ¨I believe we can compete with Broad Run because all the struggles we have will be ironed out and players on the team are going to make plays, and we have playmakers.¨


Although the season may not be the same as last year, Heritage football has some amazing players, and the seniors, including Balde are natural leaders and have Heritage set up to do great things in the future.