Loudoun County (Heritage) Grading and Retake Policies

Loudoun County (Heritage) Grading and Retake Policies

Amna Farooq, Staff Writer

The grading policy at heritage is aligned with the Loudoun County Grading and Assessment Policy 5030 and accompanying Regulations. This was last updated on August 18 2022.

There are different sections of the policies the basics of the policy states the grading process, late work policies, Academic dishonesty, Failing the quarter, final grading and assessment grading rules. Teachers must enter grades into the gradebook. For late work teachers can assign a grade no lower than 50% most teachers count a late grade for 80% at most. Teachers can  set timelines/structures in regards to late work (5030 A-Reg & 8140 Reg). Students that are absent have the amount of days they were absent to make up the work for full credit but if its turned in after the time to make-up the work students can not earn more than a 80% and it will be considered a late assignment. Retakes and late work must be turned into 5 class periods or it will be entered as a 0. If dishonesty is determined, students must complete an alternative summative assessment to demonstrate their learning within 6 consecutive school days after the student receives the feedback. If a student receives a F for the quarter will document family contact in the Phoenix Contact Log and will include the name on the Quarter Failure Survey, which includes identification of a Credit Recovery option. Students must receive at least 50% for all 4 quarters in all high school courses. Assessments/ assignments are categorized in 3 sections formative which do not count towards students grade, Minor summative and Major summatives.  Some students know and understand the grading policy while others do not. Some students agree with the policies while others do not.

“Oh I have actually talked about this with people I know before and most of them disagreed with me. Personally, I agree with most of the grading policies but I think the retake grade should be up to 90% I feel like more students would use the opportunity and I get that it is unfair for the people who did good on the first try but they still have the same opportunity I just think its a better alternative.”~Anonymous

“I think that Heritage’s retake and grading policies are okay. I think the highest grade you can get on a retake should be boosted up to an 85% or 90% because I think that 80 is a little low. Other than that, I like the grading policies.”~ Clare Johnson

“I think the retake policy makes it fair to the students who earn a higher grade the first time around. I know some people have the argument of  having a bad day but I think that is more of something you can talk about with the teacher and it doesn’t relate to retakes.”~Anonymous

Based on the different opinions from students of different grades most freshman and sophomore think that the retake grade percent should be increased by a little but most juniors and seniors do not have any problems with the grading policies at Heritage High School.