Is the Gas app creating problems?

Is the Gas app creating problems?

Amna Farooq, Staff Writer

The Gas app first launched in August 2022 co-founded by Bier, Isaiah Turner, and Dave Schatz. The app recently became the #1 play store download. The Gas app is a social media app used by high schoolers to express and share their opinions.

The Gas App enters you into a group of people in the same school as you, based on your location. The app allows you to  create polls and participate in polls created by others.  You can vote for different polls anonymously then post it somewhere else to try to figure out who picked you on the poll. 

The real problem started when a rumor started going around that the app could collect data and locate where you were,  Other rumors implied that the app was used for illegal activities including abductions. The rumors spread like wildfire, thus scaring users who ended up deleting the app.Experts confirmed a hoax and that all the rumors are false and that the gas app is actually a little more safer than other apps out there.

Freshmen at Heritage weighed in on their experience with the Gas App:

“I do not have an iPhone.  I use android and the app is only available on apple products. So when I first heard of it I also wanted the app and wanted to be a part of the fun but then when I heard the weird rumors I was glad I had an Android for once.”

“ I was kinda scared because a lot of my friends had the app and other students also had it. When I found out all the rumors were fake I was so glad. Some of the people I know still think the app is sketchy and fake but since a lot of experts say it’s a positive app” 

“I like it. Besides the rumors I think the app is a fun idea but also a little harsh. I mean I would be really anxious if I saw someone voted for me in a mean poll like loudest, annoying or anything of that idea. Overall I like the idea that it’s better than wasting time on tik-tok or something.”