A Bad Day Doesn’t Mean A Bad Life


Kylie Seaman, Staff Writer

“Just because you had a bad day, doesn’t mean you are going to have a bad life.” 


This is a quote that I came across as I was scrolling online. I didn’t realize that when I read it first randomly 2 years ago, that I would need to hear it most today. 


The Heritage swim team had practice last night and we were preparing for our first swim meet this Friday, December 2nd. The coaches were having us work a lot on our dives and flipturns. As I was practicing on my dives, I started to get frustrated with myself because my goggles and swim cap kept falling off everytime I would make contact with the water. No matter how much I tightened my goggles or pulled my swim cap down onto my face, my dives just weren’t the same. I had to take a second off the side of the pool lanes to ask myself what was really distracting me. I came to the conclusion that I was simply “getting in my head”. At that moment I had two choices. I could either get out of the pool and be upset and disappointed with myself for feeling “off”, or, I could say out loud that I was not going to give up. 


Voicing my thoughts out loud was so important. As soon as I told my teammates that I was getting inside of my own head, I was then encouraged to keep trying. Last night’s practice ended up being one of the best practices yet. 


In conclusion, even though I had that moment of doubt and frustration, it didn’t consume the rest of the evening for me. I was able to have a hard moment and still have a great evening.


I hope my words encourage you, that even though you have a bad moment, day, week, or even year, it does not mean you are going to have a bad life. I’m reminding myself of this all of the time. We got this.