New Year, New You?

New Year, New You?

Kayla Douglas, Editor

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We have all heard the saying ¨New Year, New You,¨ but it is likely that people only go by this motto for a month or so, and then revert to their previous habits. 

Some people are very passionate about self improvement, whether that be appearance, personality, religion, education, hobbies, or in a plethora of other ways. 

How do people successfully meet their “New Year, New You” goals? 

Some people do various things to hold themselves accountable to be able to reach their set goal. Accountability could look like you telling friends about your goal so they can periodically check in on you and see how you are maintaining your goal.

Motivation is key to resolutions. For example, if you resolve to go on more walks or just get outside more, you can write down a list of benefits that are meaningful to you. Copy the list and place it in multiple areas, so that you would be able to see them. This way when you are lacking motivation, it can be a good reminder of what you are working towards, and how it can help you.

Another way you can achieve your goal is through incentives. Tell yourself that you can only eat at your favorite restaurant or go to your favorite place, if you walk a certain amount of miles or time each day for a month. Most people work best when they know there would be a possible award or even punishment. 

It may seem like high pressure to feel like you need to do something drastic in order to fit with the whole “New Year, New You” idea, but the reality of it is you don´t. Your goals should be attainable.  Set yourself up for success by not making drastic demands on yourself.

Your resolution can be something as simple as taking the stairs instead of an escalator when you are in that situation or something as difficult as paying off debt. Make sure whatever it is that your resolution is relevant to you and not  heavily influenced by what people around you are doing.

Another very important thing is to not feel like you have to wait until the next new year in order to fix your negative habits.  New habits can start on any day of the week.