Heritage’s New Doors


Skylar Zelman, Staff Writer

Upon return from winter break Heritage students were greeted with brand new doors in front of the library and career center. These new doors are seemingly put there for security reasons, but are there challenges that students face? Security in schools has unfortunately become a big issue. With too many school shootings happening in 2022, 2023 is already off to a bad start with the most prominent shooting happening in Newport News, Virginia. In this shooting a 6-year old shot his teacher during class. Spanish teacher Maria Biggers thinks that the new doors help with security, “I’m glad that Loudoun County is trying to keep teachers and students safe,” she said. 

While all of Heritage is grateful for the care about safety, can these doors hurt students who are trying to be more involved? Around 8:45 the doors are locked, so students can’t get to the classroom areas of the school until 9:15. However, the 8:45-9:15 time slot is the prime meeting time for clubs. The policy is that students who normally attend the club will be given an official pass to get past the doors or the club supervisor has to meet them at the doors, but what about clubs where everyone is welcomed at any time. The Spanish Club is one of these clubs. Biggers mentioned one of the biggest challenges the doors provide to clubs, “it’s a challenge when a teacher has to supervise the club and supposedly let students in through the doors,” she said. 

In conclusion, these new doors at Heritage are appreciated as they help with the safety of students, but new strategies could be thought about to help aid clubs that need to get past the doors in the morning.