Movie Review: Creed III

Movie Review: Creed III

Luke Broyhill, Staff Writer

Creed III is the third instalment in the Creed trilogy which is a spin-off from the Rocky series. The Creed movies follow Adonis Creed the son of Apollo Creed trying to follow his dad’s legacy and becoming the best boxer in the world. The Creed movies have become one of the most popular movie franchises bringing in 612 million dollars in the three movies, getting high reviews from fans and critics.

Creed III begins with Creed retiring from boxing and becoming a trainer at his gym and training Felix Chavez for his fight against Viktor Drago who he beat in Creed II and son of Ivan Drago who killed his father. But one day he met up with his old friend Damien Anderson who went to prison after jumping somebody but Creed ran away and didn’t get caught. But Damien’s goal was to always be a boxer so Creed offers to train Damien and try to get him a opponent.

Later at a party Drago got attacked with a metal bar breaking his hand leaving him out for 6 months,with the fight soon approaching they needed to find a replacement quickly, but Damien convinced Creed to put him as the replacement. During the fight Damien used dirty hits on Chavez resulting in a win for Damien.

After the fight Creed found out that the person who attacked Drago was friends with Damien in prison he went to confront Damien which ends up with Damien punching Creed in the face. After Creed went on first take and called Damien out to a boxing match for the heavyweight title of the world and in the 12th round after almost being knocked out Creed would get the knockout winning the fight. After the fight Creed met up with Damien and Damien appogled for everything he did.

Michael B. Jordan gives another amazing performance as Adonis Creed, he is able to show a lot of different emotions throughout the movie making the movie an emotional showing why he one of the best actors out right now. Jonathan Majors fresh off his Marvel in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, his character was a great antagenist posing a big threat to Creed and being one of the menacing characters in the entire series. One of the most surprising peforcanes in the movie Mila Davis-Kent as Amara Creed, for only her second acting role and being a deaf she is one the funniest character in the movie despite not saying a single word.

Along with starring in the movie Michael B. Jordan he made his directorial debut. In his first movie directing Jordan did an amazing job with the cinematography in the fighting scenes taking influence from different animes like Dragon Ball Z. Even though the end of the movie did seem a little rushed Jordan did an amazing job in his debut.

I would give this movie an 8/10 and its my favorite movie in the Creed trilogy.