Two major sport teams end the longest playoff droughts in a matter of months


Cole Broyhill

For the first time in nearly 17 years the Sacramento Kings have clinched a playoff spot and ended the newly longest playoff drought in the four major sports. Back in late september the Seattle Mariners ended the longest playoff drought which they held for 21 years that then before the NBA season started gave it to the Sacramento Kings who quickly went 0-4 looked like 18 years of no playoff’s was on its way but then after the 0-4 start they went 23-14 and it was looking like the season was going to promising. The Kings had a bright and young back court with De’Aaron Fox and kevin Huerter with Malik Monk coming of the bench after singing a 2 year deal and with a front court of Harrison Barnes, Keegan Murray and Domantas Sabonis coming to Sac-Town by trade from Indiana it was a fun team to watch. In 2021-22 season the Kings finished with a 30-52 record was was projected to miss the playoffs this year and one “meme” or a bold prediction this year happened at a summer league game which is a summer long basketball league for rookies and second year players for NBA teams trying to fill training camp rosters was by a fan who said ” The kings will have 40 wins this season” and then another meme was when the Kings won a game they will light a beam which would signal a Sacramento Kings win. They lit the beam 48 times this season including 3 more this post-season. With this being there first time winning the pacific division in the west and being in the playoff again why not play the champion Golden State Warriors. The first playoff series being back they went up 2-0 then dropped 3 games now down 3-2 in Golden State in a must win game the Kings forced a game 7 against the defending champs. The Warriors had the worst record on the road and game 7 was in Sac-Town so surely the Kings would move on to play the Lakers but sadly that didn’t happen and the Kings did not move on but the future looks bright for the Kings.