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Fentanyl: A Crisis to be Averted


Given recent events, Fentanyl overdose has been the big story on everyone’s mind. While people know the typical facts; it’s highly lethal and it can be laced in anything. How much do you actually know about the drug? Did you know Fentanyl is not only an issue in schools, but also in work settings?

For some background, here is some important information about Fentanyl; Fentanyl is actually considered an opioid, which falls under the same category as heroin and morphine. Fentanyl is 100x stronger than morphine, which has previously been considered one of the most commonly abused drugs. One reason Fentanyl is commonly “abused” is actually because people aren’t aware they are using it. It is incredibly cheap, meaning it can be used to cut more expensive drugs like cocaine. Common side effects of a Fentanyl overdose include; slow breathing, small pupils, limp muscles, cold skin, pale complexion, and losing consciousness.

Fentanyl is incredibly harmful just to even be in the room with, a small grain could be enough to kill you. Forensic Scientists analyze crime scenes that sometimes contain drugs. These drugs can be hidden in couch cushions, under floorboards, anywhere you can think. Due to Fentanyl being incredibly potent, these scientists will sometimes be unaware of the drug and accidentally get poisoned just by investigating the contaminated area. Due to this being such a common occurrence, Forensic scientists must keep a close eye out for any white powers at crime scenes, and if they do come across it, it must immediately get tested for Fentanyl. If the test comes out positive, the infected persons will get treated ASAP.

If professionals are still being poisoned by this substance, it is absolutely more concerning that students are being exposed. LCPS has had a sudden exposure to overdoses, most of which have been due to Fentanyl exposure. Even if you are smoking weed, or using any opioid not containing Fentanyl, you have no clue if it could be laced.

Be sure to keep in mind the students who have already suffered from overdoses just in the past week.

Stay safe out there, from a fellow student.

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Oliver Stoltz, Staff Writer
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