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Athlete of the Week: Emma Beal

Basketball Player Emma Beal

Emma Beal started playing basketball in 3rd grade, now 18, and in her senior year of high school, she plays post for our school’s varsity girl’s basketball team. Beal decided to play basketball because it was hands-on. Additionally, playing basketball meant having a lot of team bonding, something Beal loves, “I like being part of a team that comes together and plays for each other.” Beal was mainly motivated by her father and Chris Elardo, however, a moment that motivated her the most was when she was cut from the basketball team in 8th grade. “I was very disappointed, but I kept pushing the entire summer, and I made

Emma Beal

varsity basketball my freshman year.”

For Beal, she said her favorite part of basketball would have to be the competitiveness, as well as getting to be a part of such a great team. However, a challenge for Beal would be keeping her focus before an important game. While playing basketball, Beal learned to be a leader. Additionally, she mentioned that she struggled with knowing it was okay to make mistakes. Beal’s highlight of this season would be getting ready with her team before a game. “We have LED lights, and we blast music in our locker room.” Beal says how this fun ritual helps get her and her team all excited before a game. 

Over the years, Beal has improved her basketball skills by never giving up and training constantly during the summer and on weekends. And for those who are embarking on a basketball career, Beal has a message for them. She encourages us to play and learn to be a good leader and a great teammate. She also mentioned that by playing basketball, you will make many friends along the way. “Definitely play if you want to find your family and your people.” While Beal may not be playing basketball college, she did mention how she would play basketball if she ever got the chance. 

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