Military Appreciation Game


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Jackie Lewis, Staff writer

September 25th, at 6:45 in our own main gym, a game that meant more than volleyball occurred.  During this most grateful day, we were able to have the honor to be in the presence of the warriors of our country.  This Military Appreciation game was to raise money for a program named Boulder Crest, who serves as a helping hand for all post-war soldiers and veterans.

The Heritage Pride competed against its cross-town rival The Loudoun County Raiders.  Being one of the most anticipated games of the season provided a large audience to support Boulder Crest and raise awareness of its cause. While the packed crowd participated enthusiastically in the military appreciation event, the players had front row seats to see the message of Boulder Crest and military veterans.

“My dad’s in the Navy so I think it was really cool to see a different side of the military.  He’s always modest about his service, but it’s cool to see everyone represent their branches and what they have done for our country and see all the veterans participate and affect our lives,” said Kate Bently, a senior on the varsity volleyball team.

Boulder Crest started out in rural areas, where most veterans go to continue their lives after war.  They provided a safe place for both the veterans and their family.  Veterans are able to go to Boulder Crest for help without cost, and can stay as long as needed.  Boulder Crest focuses on the mental and physical recovery for veterans and their families, and their Virginia retreat has been helping veterans for five years and counting.

With the great turnout of veterans and active soldiers, many students were able to witness and appreciate what they have done for our country.  With the opening of the Pledge Of Allegiance being carried out officially by military specialists, to the recognition of veterans who announced their names and branch to the ones standing in the crowd.  Every branch of the military was represented, and thanked by the citizens they served.

“By seeing all the veterans and the people that served America there really helped me have a better appreciation for what they did. And everyone was able to appreciate them and give them the recognition they deserved,” said Carolin Fabian, a varsity player of the volleyball team.

Boulder Crests’ mission for September 26th was to not only appreciate our veterans, but to also inform others about the help they are able receive.  They want the word to be out that anyone could come for help, and there is not fee for doing so.  Through this volleyball game, many were able to realize the great help Boulder Crest provides for soldiers and how they are able to receive help.

“I was very impressed with the turnout of the veteran appreciation night because we raised a couple thousand dollars, and that money will go a long way to help soldiers with PTSD, and hopefully they will have a better future. Also it made me step back and realize that what we did that night, besides the volleyball game, helped save some lives,” said Gabi Ganley, a senior player for the varsity volleyball team.