Bittersweet Tears

Lindsay Castro Argueta, Editor

“Come out!” 

The silence was deafening until the bedroom door slammed closed making a sound in the ocean of silence.

“Micheal?” I whispered reaching my hand out to touch his face.

“Don’t touch me!” Micheal yelled slapping the hand away with tattered sleeves and punctuating every word, “You left me.”

“It’s not my fault, please Micheal,” I whimpered slouching slightly, “Please.”

Micheal burst out into tears and shook his head, his tears falling to the ground.  He brought his hands up to his face and shielded himself.

“Why,” Micheal sobbed out, “Why, why, why did you leave me alone?”

I opened and closed my mouth unable to find an answer.

“I didn’t mean to.”


I clenched my fists and furiously shook my head trying to stop my tears from coming out.  Micheal was right though, I was a liar.

“I left you in those woods because I didn’t want to die, I left because it was meant to be a prank!”

Micheal stops crying and there is once again an ocean of silence.  I looked up and saw Micheal scoff before letting a smile overtake their features.  Micheal stood there with his tattered and bruised self.

“I’m sorry.”

Micheal laughs softly and walks closer to me.  He gently puts his palm on my cheek and rubs my tears away.

“I forgive you Jaun.”

I smiled and blinked my eyes to get rid of the remaining tears, but by the time I opened them Micheal was gone.  I furrowed my brow before looking at the carpet by the door, I laughed shakily and walk closer to the discolored carpet.

“I’ll always remember you Micheal.”