Computers in the Modern-Day


Brian Miriashtiani, staff writer

We use computers everywhere, at home, at work, at school, and many other places.  Throughout the years, computers have been advancing faster and faster, and for good reasons too.  Some may use a computer for playing video games, online school (such as distance learning), and for jobs like game developing or working at an office.

Currently, during Covid-19, students have been using computers more often than ever, yet there are several ups and downs to this.  Students are gradually learning how to use the computer more efficiently, and they are wasting less paper too.  They use programs such as Google Docs, Microsoft Word, and Notepad to type and take notes on, and complete work.  These are one of many reasons why computers are so incredibly useful; they are versatile devices.

Students are not the only ones using said devices.  Others who work in offices use it too, probably in programs such as Microsoft Excel or Google Spreadsheets.  Digital artists may use computers in programs such as Adobe Photoshop or Gimp, but they all have one common thing, they are using the computer.  Programmers do not need powerful devices unless they are doing a difficult to process job such as game development.

It does not seem very necessary for someone to buy a new device to accomplish work that requires typing, even if the device is several years old.  They should stick to that one device until the upgrade seems worth it.  In rare cases should anyone buy a newer computer, and that is unless they are some artist who does work on a computer or a game developer.  This especially true when these new devices tend to be more reliable and faster.  If we were to say that someone was to be using Excel, then no, they should not update.

We should take advantage of computers because they could give someone a job, help someone to study, complete research, and many other things.  I also believe that people who have not used a computer before or do not know how to use one properly, then they should start learning because it could be beneficial for them, or could help them do several tasks much more quickly than they usually would.  Going to the store to buy a movie is unnecessary, and instead, it would be better to go online and purchase it from there, which could save time and possibly money.

As stated before, computers are used everywhere in the world.  People use them to study, work, entertainment, and more.  Not everyone needs to upgrade their computers, not everyone needs a high-end computer, and not everyone knows how to use a computer.  We should take advantage of computers, and I believe that everyone should learn how to use them.  Computers are one of the greatest inventions we have ever had, and it is a versatile piece of technology.