Crumbl Review (October 25-30)


Erica Ellison, Staff Writer

This week at Crumbl, they have a fall/Halloween theme going. This week’s flavors are Dirt Cake, Sugar ft. Mothers Halloween Circus Animal, Monster, and Pumpkin Roll. Overall this week has a pretty good selection.

Dirt Cake is very good, it is very rich and a good chocolate flavor. It also has a gummy worm on top to make it a lot like actual dirt cake, I give Dirt Cake a 9/10.

The next cookie is Sugar ft. Mothers Halloween Circus Animal. I don’t care for this cookie for the most part. It is very dry and crumbly and has no moisture. If it were to have better icing, it would’ve been better. I rate Sugar ft. Mothers Halloween Circus Animal a 4/10.

Next is the Monster cookie. This cookie is a chocolate chip cookie with bits of peanut butter and M&M’s. I liked this one because the peanut butter bits added a really nice flavor to it. I rate Monster a 7/10. The last cookie this week is Pumpkin Roll. I wouldn’t even consider this a cookie to be honest, it is literally a cinnamon roll with the texture and softness. It has a very strong pumpkin flavor and icing on top that balances the flavor out. I almost wish it was a cookie instead but I rate this cookie a 7/10. This week’s cookies are worth getting so go to Crumbl before Sunday!