Squid Game – The Newest Rage on Netflix

Squid Game - The Newest Rage on Netflix

Emma Sihavong, Staff Writer

Netflix has been going off with shows recently. Squid Game, which is Netflix’s current hit show, was released on September 17th. Since its release, it has become the first Korean show ever to hit the top charts on Netflix. The show is a nine episodes series, each episode ranging from 30 minutes to around an hour. This series falls under the K-drama category (Korean drama). The show is based around a group of 456 people, who participated in a series of games on a remote island to earn a 45.6 billion dollar prize. All of the participants in the games were on the brink of financial ruin and had joined in hopes of coming out with the cash prize to pay off their debts. In reality, they were risking their lives, and if you didn’t succeed in a game, you died. The series mainly followed the characters 001, 067, 191, 218, and 456. There were also other people involved, and they were called the Masked Men. They helped out with the games and were under the ruling of the Front Man of the games. They had to keep their identity hidden and were not allowed to take off their mask unless they were alone. If they did, they would die. 

The development of the plot is well-paced, and I believe that nine episodes are a perfect amount of episodes to fully develop the plot. Also, the character development in this first season was thought out extremely well. I had some characters I did not like at first, but throughout the season they became some of my favorite characters, vice versa. It is a binge-worthy show because of how much goes on throughout the season. Things rarely slowed down in the show, and there’s always something happening. The cliffhangers that are included throughout each episode make you want to keep watching. There were also some plot twists included, that I didn’t even see coming. I had my suspicions, but I did not think it was them. This show catches you off guard a lot, and you never really know what’s next. Finding out who was the Megamind behind the game was a crazy plot twist.  I enjoyed watching this show, and I highly recommend you watch it! The ending was so crazy, and I am still at a loss for words. I also would refrain from picking favorites in this show, as they probably will end up dead. Overall, I’d give this show a 10/10 because it was a really enjoyable watch. However, if you are to watch this show, I’d recommend you watch with caution as there are some gory scenes throughout the show that might be sensitive to certain viewers.