Time Saving Tips (Getting to Class on Time Edition)


Jackie Lewis, Editor-in-Chief

Sometimes it’s a race to try and get to class on time, and those five minutes are not enough between class periods. Whether there’s a jam up on the stairs or you’re trying to get from the L200’s to the gym, there is always a sense of urgency when trying to get to class on time. Luckily, I have had practice with making my way around these halls.

Here are some of my tips to help you make it to class with time to spare:

  • Don’t waste time!!! There’s no need for you to hang around in the hallway when you have to walk across the school to get to your next class. Start walking so you don’t need to rush!
  • Walk briskly. Do not run. There is no need to run, but you can speed walk if you are need of it.
  • Avoid the back corner in the L200 hallway. It does not connect to the L500 hallway, don’t make yourself have to walk all the way around.
  • Know what staircase you want to use ahead of time.
  • Plan your route in your head before you start walking.
  • Become familiar with the school and all the possible routes you could walk to each class.
  • Find the route that works, and stick with it!

These are only suggestions, but if you find yourself consistently late to class, you may want to try these out. I hope these can help, and if you have other tips you would like to share, feel free to comment on our Instagram with your own time saving tips!