Athlete Q & A-Alanis Santiago


Kayla Douglas, Staff Writer

Alanis Santiago is a junior at Heritage High School and has been running for the school since her freshman year. Santiago is a part of the Cross Country, Winter Track and Spring Track team’s at Heritage. She runs distance events in track, but specifically the 3200(two mile) most of the time. She mentioned that the distance girls have a really tight bond and are all very close with each other. “We are like a family, and that’s what really makes it fun” Santiago goes on to say. The family that is created throughout the team is by far Santiago’s favorite part about being a part of the team. When asked about her inspiration and someone she looked up to, Santiago mentioned Jasmine Camacho-Quinn. Camacho-Quinn is a Puerto Rican runner who specializes in the 100 meter hurdles. Before races Santiago reminds herself that it will be over in however many minutes depending on the race she is running. She also tells herself to run her fastest to get it over with quicker. For track Santiago finds it difficult to maintain a job and hang out with people outside of school and track since it does take up a lot of time with practices and meets. Overall Santiago really enjoys her time being a part of the track team’s at Heritage and loves the time spent with her teammates and coaches.