Ghostbusters: Afterlife – movie review


Ryan Hegewald, Staff Writer

Most movies that come out nowadays are usually remastered versions or sequels of older ones, usually in an attempt to rope in the fans of the classics and try to have them experience that same feeling they had when they watched it for the first time. Unfortunately I find that these kinds of movies just aren’t very creative and spend so much of time trying to be like the original instead of something new, however, I do find Ghostbusters: Afterlife to definitely be a movie that is still honoring the original and still manages to tell a new compelling story. Ghostbusters: Afterlife is direct sequel to the original Ghostbusters in 1984 and retains the comedic atmosphere from its predecessor. I found myself enthralled as the story begins in this strange town with this elusive great big house on a farm, as the story continues secrets from the past are slowly uncovered but are intentionally left vague to keep you guessing throughout the course of the film. The comedic moments in the movie were great as well, they didn’t feel forced and always lifted the somewhat eerie tone of the movie. Unlike the originally Ghostbusters which didn’t really embrace its full horror potential, Afterlife welcomed it with open arms with it’s dark rooms and mysterious structures engraved with this vague prophecy, but still always brought you out of that eerie feeling with that iconic Ghostbusters comedy.

Now where the movie unfortunately fails for me is the thing that all stories should be focusing on, the plot. Afterlife spending a lot of introducing you to all these haunted locations and these dusty relics from the past and intentionally leave them vague making you think that they would be fully explained later. Yet when the final act of the movie was upon me, everything just kind of happens without any real explanation. The main antagonist isn’t even really explained and the main events kind of play out the same way it does in the original Ghostbusters. Once main baddy is defeated everyone gets a happy ending and everything else is resolved. In the end I kind of came out the movie theater wanting more, but I realized that all of my questions had already been hurriedly answered in the final act, they just happened so fast I didn’t catch it.

Even though the main conflict of the movie is its weakest link fr me I still enjoyed it and would definitely see it again, I’d give it a 3 out of 5.