Album Review: Laurel Hell


Emma Sihavong, Editor

Mitski’s devoted fan base has long awaited for Laurel Hell to be released. The album was released on February 4th, 2022. Lauren Hell is Mitski’s sixth album following her last album, “Be The Cowboy,” which was released in 2018. I was super excited to listen to Laurel Hell, especially after hearing her pre-released singles. The singles included are “The Only Heartbreaker,” “Love Me More,” “Working for the Knife” and “Heat Lighting.” After listening to Laurel Hell, these are my top three songs from her new album. 

  • “Should’ve Been Me”
  • “Love Me More”
  • “There’s Nothing Left Here For You” 

Laurel Hell is a great album. This album features a combination of both upbeat and slow songs, which are Mitski’s specialties. I am a huge fan of her slower songs, and hearing the slower song  “Should’ve Been Me” definitely raised my rating significantly. I give Laurel Hell an 8/10 and I highly recommend you listen to the album as well.