Club Highlight- AASA

Emma Sihavong, Editor

AASA, also known as the Asian American Student Association, was started this year by senior Kenny Nguyen. The club was started to bring Asian students in the Heritage High School community together, as well as spread the Asian culture within the community. 


 Kenny was asked as to why he decided to start AASA, in which he replied,

“My first three years at Heritage, I saw a lack of community for Asian American students at Heritage. I decided to take it into my own hands and form the club with a couple of my close friends.” 


A few AASA officers were asked as well why they decided to join AASA/become an officer.

“I was interested in doing more club/activities, and I thought becoming an officer would help me get to know more people at the same time,” said Henry Quan.


“With the negative atmosphere surrounding Asians due to COVID, I felt that I would be able to connect with others, and feel a sense of solidarity with my peers,” said Isabella Do.


“I wanted to help create a safe space for Asian Americans at Heritage,” said Seth McCarthy


“I wanted to be involved with more leadership roles, and be able to share my experience with my culture,” said Maya Papadopoulos.


“I decided to join this club as an officer because I wanted to gain new experience. I also did it to meet new people and become more in touch with my culture,” said Caitlin Thong 


Each meeting has different activities members are able to participate in. Meetings consist of activities/presentations relating to Asian culture.


“Look forward to cultural presentations, alongside fun activities that are thoughtfully prepared by the officers in advance! Also, of course, the highlights would be our two big club parties, which are the winter and end of the year party!” Nguyen said.


“We have done a different activity every meeting. We have done the dalgona challenge, origami, a winter party, which had Asian snacks and drinks, and many other activities. Our main goal for our meetings is to expose our members to Asian culture,” said Do


“Our meetings provide a very welcoming environment. An ordinary meeting is usually entertaining and energizing. AASA is very informative, and we make an effort to include everyone in our meetings, and encourage everyone to talk and build new relationships,” said Thong


AASA is always open to new members, and anyone is welcome to join! If you want to learn more about Asian culture within Heritage High School, AASA is for you! AASA meets every other Wednesday before school. If you want more information about their meetings, follow the club’s Instagram page, @aasa_hhs, which has all of the updates regarding their meetings!