The Unsung Heroes of Anastasia


Kayla Douglas, Staff Writer

            A theatrical production takes countless hours and dedication from everyone associated with the show. From the actors and actresses themselves, to the music, set,wardrobe, lighting and more. Everyone easily notices the talent and work put in from the actors and actresses on stage, but what about the “unsung heroes”. Heritage High School usually puts on about 3 theatrical productions throughout the school year. The biggest and most important one however is the spring musical. It allows Heritage to possibly win awards for its performance, but that would not be at all possible without everyone who helps with the show. Not only does this require great talent on stage, but every detail of the show helps. One key aspect of the musical besides the singing is well, the music. Many students who play all sorts of different instruments must audition to be a part of the pit band for the spring musical.

            Benjamin Lunsford is a junior at Heritage High School and plays the tuba in marching band,and symphonic band,as well as for pit. “Pit band is when you play the music that goes for the spring musical,” Lunsford explained. There are rehearsals multiple times a week after school. The music is run through act by act to really perfect and master the songs. Lunsford decided to join the pit band because he really likes playing the tuba and he thought it would be cool to be involved in the spring musical. Doing it also helps him broaden his knowledge of music. Before doing Anastasia, Lunsford participated in the Winter 2020 show Elf the musical. “I feel like the music really captivates the audience to what a scene is trying to convey,” Lunsford went on to say. Being in pit has been a very fun experience for Lunsford.

            Have you ever watched a musical and thought about how awesome the wardrobe and makeup was? Heritage high school has its own costume crew for its musicals. Students must audition for this as well and show their qualifications and abilities to be allowed to help out. Eli Grivas is a freshman and is a part of the costume crew and is the makeup lead for Anastasia. Grivas has always been involved in theater since she was younger and has been interested in costume and makeup. “It is a really great and positive atmosphere, although it is sometimes stressful due to the fact it is for a show and there is limited time,” Grivas mentioned.

             Josephine D’Arcy is a senior at heritage high school and has done stage management since her freshman year. D’Arcy explained that her position is more of a leadership role rather than just solely helping backstage.”Within the first show I had already fallen in love with theater, after that it was just constantly learning new things and becoming even more comfortable with myself in Stage Management,” D’Arcy stated. As a stage manager D’Arcy is the main connection for communication between the cast, crew, and pit. During the actual show D’Arcy is incharge of “calling the show” which she explained as telling every aspect of the show when to go. She is just one example of the hard work put in by people for shows that you would never even realize. 

              Next time you go to a show when you are admiring the talent on stage take a second to appreciate the “unsung heroes”. A theatrical production truly could not go on without them. From students to play the music, run the mics and lighting, to the students who help with the choreography, and the stagemanagent there is a lot of help with the musicals. That’s not even including the amazing teachers and parent volunteers who also help the musicals happen.