NFL players gone to soon

Cole Broyhill, staff writer

National Football League - Wikipedia  There has been a lot of NFL players to pass away during their careers but some have hit harder than others for me such as Sean Taylor in 2007 from a home invasion, Otis Anderson Jr in 2021 after being shot by his own father, Dwayne Haskins this year after his car ran out of gas and was struck by a garbage truck and another one that just happened Jeff Gladney in a car accident. All of them being 25 or younger and with their deaths showing how fragile life is, Sean Taylor had a daughter a year before his death; he died protecting his fiancee and daughter. Dwayne Haskins during the day posting him and his teammate Najee Harris about to go out after working out together and Jeff Gladney he bought a house for his mom 2 days before and talked to former college teammate Jalen Reagor before his death. Three more deaths that hit hard after finding out about them was Jovan Belcher, O.J Murdock and Kenny Mckinley. All being from suicide, all three being in a 2 year span and again all three being 25 or younger and to think how mental health of players has started to become a topic that is more talked about, but why haven’t we been talking about this since 2012 or even 2010. NFL players go through mental health issues like depression or overthinking like a normal human being does and its not getting talked about more. Talking about your mental health is important so you don’t feel like you are going through it alone, talk to someone you trust or a therapist about how you feel and find ways to not make you feel that way.