In The Spotlight: Student Council Association


Kayla Douglas, Editor

SCA Story

One group that really does the most to show school spirit is SCA. Most people know who they are, but not so much of what they actually do. SCA does a lot for the school but most students don’t give them that much credit for it. Along with doing a lot in SCA it is also pretty hard to get in. You have to apply and go through a process to get accepted. It is run by Mrs.Dobbs and Mr.Yorke, with president Luke Howard and vice president Ashley Caffo. 

Luke Howard is a senior and is  the SCA president . He oversees each group in SCA and makes sure everybody stays on track of what they are supposed to do. Specifically Howard helps with the video crew and helps, plan, direct, act in, and edit each video before they get published to the school. Howard has always been a natural leader and loved stepping up.  “I’ve always liked to have a leadership role like in sports and stuff.

Video crew

I had a brother who was in SCA and he kind of introduced me to it, and I wanted to play a role in the school spirit,” Howard mentioned. It is very important to him to promote school spirit and to always represent Heritage in the best way possible. “School spirit means representing your school and being a part of everything your school is doing. Howard loves being an SCA member and especially loves being president. He always has a lot of fun with his friends while showing school spirit, and putting together activities for the school. Howard hopes people will look up to SCA and be inspired to show more school spirit and have a better time at Heritage.


Another very important SCA member is senior and vice president Ashley Caffo. Besides being the vice president Caffo is also the main person in charge of planning and running the tailgate. Planning the tailgate includes: planning out the layout, figuring out the parking lot design, the food, games, and figuring out what spirit wear will be given out, and designing jobs to other members.  Eighth grade Caffo was inspired by SCA w

hen she got her tour and decided that she wanted to be like them when she could. Being in SCA comes with a lot of responsibilities , “you are a role model for all of your other classmates. “  SCA comes with a lot of privileges that most students don’t get therefore members can’t abuse. “You have to be a five-star student. You also have to be good in academics, in leadership, and just be a well rounded student,” Caffo said. They also help run most of the major events like homecoming, snowcoming, pep rallies, spirit week, Mr.Heritage, the tailgate and more. They also get more intell before the rest of the school and they just have to wait until the information is released. School spirit is also a very important part of SCA. “It means supporting the team’s. We don’t have the best athletics but school spirit and supporting everyone is very important. Always wearing red, black, and white, those are our colors…Just representing Heritage. Love roar pride, love Heritage,” Caffo said.


Elyse Garcia is a junior at Heritage and is a proud member of SCA. Garcia always tries to be under whoever the group lead is so they have someone to fall back on if they need help with something. She loves Heritage and wanted to be more involved with the school. “I loved how much SCA cared about every student and all the fun events they planned, and just how they really want to make sure that Heritage is a community,” Garcia mentioned. Garcia talked about a lot of the hard work that comes with being in SCA. The behind the scenes stuff that people don’t see, like the planning for events as well as the setup, running of, and breakdown of events. They also connect with and help other clubs and groups around the school. Inclusion is very important to Garcia and SCA as a whole. “Heritage is such a family school and we really love having everyone get involved and feel like they belong and SCA really helps with that,” Garcia said. To Garcia, school spirit is about being involved and showing how much you care about your school. 

Members working on the posters

SCA member and varsity football player, sophomore Obi Nwanneka is a part of the video crew. He joined SCA because he wanted to be more involved in the school and be someone that people could look up to more. There are many privileges and responsibilities of being in SCA. “You are a role model to the school. You can’t act up, and you have to be responsible and help others,” Nwanneka said. You need someone to help plan all the events and having it be student run is better because students know what students want. Being on the football team Nwanneka recognized that having people in the stands cheering on the team really helps to motivate them. “Since they are there for us it gives us the incentive to play better for them,” Nwanneka shared. 


Multiple people have mentioned that their favorite part about being in SCA is the family aspect of it.SCA is one very important part of helping Heritage function more smoothly and in a more fun way. They helps drive school spirit and in a  respectful manner while repping theschool and good energy. They are also a very big family oriented group.  Members are sometimes required to spend time outside of school to help out with events. They also give up their study hall to be in SCA. Instead of study hall they have SCA to help plan events and get things started. They also help welcome new students during the back to school night and do the eighth graders tour. Next time you see an SCA member make sure you thank them for all of their hard work and dedication for the school. 

Students working on organizing tickets


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